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Thank you for finding time to learn about the service that Restore-ur-Floor 
can offer you.Restore-ur-Floor concentrates exclusively on sanding and varnishing new and existing wooden floors of all types. Semi solid, solid, plank, strip, hardwood and softwood. Our speciality is sanding and varnishing
Traditional Woodblock Parquet Flooring.

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We specialise exclusively on Sanding and Varnishing all types of wooden floors. Nothing Else.
This means that we can remain 100% focused on purveying the very best, most innovative up to date products available on the world markets today. While offering you the customer, a typical selection of Matt, Stain and Gloss finishes, we also offer a full range of products that suite your needs, requirements and desires. And we can advise on the most suitable product for each and every individual project i.e. low maintenance or low odour, shiny glaze or natural sheen etc..

It is widely accepted that the best way to finish or refinish a wooden floor is with a floor lacquer. In fact most of our clients opt for a lacquered finish to their timber floors for its appearance, durability and low maintenance credibility.

At Restore-ur-Floor we stock a range of only the very best quality floor lacquers from Nanosol's "Nanofloor" range of Superior Wooden Floor Finishes.
We proudly introduced these products in 2008 for their use of Nano Technology.
"Nanofloor" uses Nano Technology to fortify low odour environmentally friendly floor finishes with "Silica" (Ceramic) for exceptional durability.
In fact, our established experience of this modern day environmentally friendly range of floor finishes, has proved the products to be more durable than the old toxic and hazardous floor lacquers of the past, thanks to their gel like flexibility, with nano ceramic strength and rigidity, compared to a solely hard finish that can prove almost brittle by comparison.
And of course the use of a low odour environmentally friendly 2010 VOC Regulation compliant floor finish, in your property when renewing your wooden floors is for the greater good of us all.

Why not contact us to arrange a free no obligation quotation.

As fashions and tastes change and influence is gained from the rest of Europe, we see more clients wanting a flatter more natural unglazed look with environmentally friendly reassurances. We offer Germany's "Treatex Hardwax Oil". This is a blend of natural oils and waxes manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including linseed oil, sunflower oil, jajoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax. A naturally superior floor finish that offers both a surface seal and penetrative protection with no toxic odour.

Many other floor finishing products are available on request thanks to Restore-ur-Floor being locally and independently owned and not tied into volume driven contracts with suppliers. We feel this is a great bonus to those who may wish to personally choose and select an alternative product for their renewed wooden floor project rather than being persuaded to opt for the contractors preferred choice.
For example SLC's Oil Balsam with H.P. is a Wooden Floor Nourishing Cream with H.P.Technology (High Performance) which provides a very natural almost colourless floor seal with High Performance Protection and has proved to be desirable on wooden floors within sustainable eco build developments.

Hardwood flooring is a specialist trade. We are the Specialists.

Restore-ur-Floor also works closely with local wood floor installers and suppliers of all types of wooden floors and can arrange the supply and fit of pre-finished and un-finished wooden floors if and when necessary.

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Mobile:  087 1248793    Phone/Fax: 051 644680
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